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Information on bootpdNT

Another iNTernet trinket from Tellurian


Tellurian BootpdNT is part of Tellurian's range of iNTernet trinkets™.  Your Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 9x computer can now perform network services which traditionally are available only on "big" computers, such as those which run the Unix operating system.

Tellurian BootpdNT is a service for Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 9x which complies with the Internet RFCs 951 and 1533 for the BOOTP protocol.  It runs as a service on either Windows NT Workstation or Windows NT Server and has been tested with Windows NT V3.51 & V4.

It runs as a stand-alone program, in a DOS box, under Windows 9x.

With Tellurian BootpdNT, your MS Windows NT or Windows 9x computer can be the Internet Address server for your organisation's network.


Tellurian BootpdNT is designed for organisations with network equipment that conforms to the well established BOOTP protocol.  Newer equipment, such as Windows (trademark of Microsoft) does not support BOOTP.  For this we recommend you use Tellurian dhcpdNT. Both of these products can be complemented by Tellurian tftpdNT to provide a complete network boot service for your organisation.

Examine the online documentation and download a free trial copy which allows 5 clients and runs for seven hours before shutting down.

Tellurian bootpdNT is Y2K compliant.   See for a full statement.

Pricing and Ordering

To order BootpdNT please print and complete the order form and fax or post it to us; or send us your details by email to  Pricing is as follows:

Tellurian BootpdNT License Fees
Type of License cost (AUD)
Limited Clients
single use machine only
AU$1 per client in lots of 50 clients.
Unlimited Clients
single use machine only
Enterprise Edition
unlimited use within organisation
royalty free redistribution with your network product
royalty free redistribution

Product will be shipped by email by the next business day after receipt of payment. We can ship by any means you nominate and charge you for freight at cost.