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Client projects

Client projects undertaken by Tellurian

System integration

Typically, this involves customised or package software applications and disparate technical platforms and tools. Examples include...

  • Integration of legacy computer applications with modern desktop systems
  • Integration of machine control systems with corporate information systems

Application migration

Preserving the investment in systems, processes and training while taking advantage of more modern or current standard platforms. Examples include...

  • Migrate large customer service application from Apple to Windows platform
  • Migrate communications software from Windows NT to Unix environment

Three-tier software development and conversion

Converting client / server systems to take advantage of lower cost technology to suit distributed user environments. Examples include...

  • Various thin client environment projects in telecoms, manufacturing and other industries

User interface development

Focus is on ease of use and consistency of response in desktop and mobile environments. Examples include:

  • User interface for pagers that are part of a hospital information system

Process and documentation

Following defined processes and documentation, including defence industry projects (MIL-498), and internal standards of major corporate clients and outsourcers to those clients

Support services

Providing support for the IT support teams, extending their technical abilities both directly (by providing technical know-how in answering support calls) and indirectly (by training IT teams). For example...

  • We provide first- and second-level systems/application support to one of Australia's largest telecommunications providers 24/7, and have done since 1995
  • We provide knowledge and trainers to a company which trains IT professionals